Suppression Systems

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In a typical year, Pakistan experiences thousands of non-residential structure fires that ultimately cost businesses billions. Installing, inspecting, and servicing the appropriate fire protection systems is critical to minimizing the potential loss of life, property and revenue as a result of fire.


FIRETECH is a recognized industry leader that provides businesses the very best design, installation, and maintenance solutions for fire suppression systems. Regardless of the scope of your project, FIRETECH has the technical capability and resources to provide the best fire sprinkler and suppression systems for your facility.


FIRETECH offers a comprehensive range of fire suppression systems, including, wet and dry sprinkler systems, special hazard suppression systems, restaurant suppression systems, standpipes, underground supplies and fire extinguishers.


Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems

FIRETECH's is certified to install a full range of dry chemical, gaseous and foam extinguishing fire suppression systems. Special hazard systems are designed to detect and extinguish dangerous situations in locations where standard fire suppression systems are not adequate.

FIRETECH is skilled at protecting sensitive, valuable environments like high tech server and clean rooms, power and petrochemical plants, telecommunication switching rooms, and aircraft hangars. 


Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems — Pressured dry chemicals, used in conjunction with the proper detection system, can extinguish a fire before it becomes detectable to the eye, thus protecting your valuable resources from damage and your business from any major interruptions. 


Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems — Clean agent systems utilize gases (CO2, FM-200, Novec 1230, etc.) for special application fire suppression in high-value areas such as computer and telecommunication facilities, switching and control systems, transformers and special risk areas. Clean agent systems efficiently and effectively extinguish fires without leaving any toxic or liquid residues that might damage property or equipment. 


Foam Fire Suppression Systems — Foam extinguishing systems are effective for rapidly controlling and extinguishing flammable liquid fires. FIRETECH's team of mechanical and electrical technicians can provide the foam system that is ideal for your high-risk industrial setting.



Restaurant Kitchen Hood Systems

Commercial kitchens are high-risk environments that are susceptible to oil and grease fueled fires. Rely on FIRETECH Protection Systems to design, install, and service the right kitchen hood system to protect your commercial kitchen exhaust hoods, ducts and cooking appliances. 


Fire Extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers provide a convenient, proven way to combat the first signs of fire. FIRETECH Protection Systems offers an assortment of fire extinguishers, each manufactured for specific fire classifications. Once installed, FIRETECH Protection Systems provides inspection, testing, and maintenance as required to maintain your extinguisher in working condition.